St. Petersburg SPORTS
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 15:41

Sports in St-Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city in which hosts two spectacular sport clubs. ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG is the love of the city. It is a football club in which you will find scarves, banners, and the emotion of this club in the people daily (watch the video of an amazing graffiti featuring Zenit in St-Petersburg Metro) The second club is SKA St. Petersburg. SKA is the hockey club of the city in which hosts several ex. NHL stars. These two clubs give the people of the city something to look forward to, as well as they unite the people always. 

Around the city always, you can see men, women, and children wearing scarves or hats of Zenit. The clubs colors are blue, white, and sky blue. Their home stadium is the Petrovskiy Stadium located at the metro station Sportivnaya. Though Zenit should have a new, world-class stadium in the next few years, the Gazprom Arena. The Petrovksiy seats about 20 thousand supporters, but the stadium is always packed. If one is fortunate enough to attend a match, one will really appreciate the passion and love of the fans for their club. One is in for a real treat if they are to see a clash between Zenit and one of the many clubs from Moscow, with the main rival of Zenit being Spartak Moscow. The club is so popular, that music groups make songs about the club, the most famous being the group “Leningrad”. Twice champions in the past four years, Zenit are one of the strongest and most competitive clubs in Russia and in Europe. It is necessary to see a match of Zenit when one is visiting St. Petersburg. It is a great experience that one will never forget.

Sports in St-Petersburg   Sports in St-Petersburg   Sports in St-Petersburg Sports in St-Petersburg

SKA is not as popular as Zenit, but the team is still loved by the cities residents. SKA plays in the ice palace at the metro station Prospect Bolshevnikov. SKA boasts several ex. NHLers, which makes the team a powerhouse in the KHL. The stadium is very nice and only a few years old. One cannot find a bad seat in the stadium, and tickets are very inexpensive. A ticket near the glass costs around 450 rubles, which would be about 15 dollars. The atmosphere is also great, as the fan section of SKA keeps the team and stadium rocking all night long. The cheerleaders of SKA also put on a nice show for the audience, especially for men.  The same rivalry with teams from Moscow exists. The best matches to go to are against one of the many Moscow teams, or with Salavat Yulaev. 

Sports in St-Petersburg   Sports in St-Petersburg   Sports in St-Petersburg Sports in St-Petersburg

Russians are very passionate in sports. The energy and enthusiasm for sport is not matched anywhere when in comparison for the supporters in St. Petersburg. SKA and Zenit provide the city and people with something to look forward to, passion, and a great love for sport.


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