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Not wishing to stay in a hotel on your first night upon arrival?  That’s right,  no rest for the wicked!  We bet you are here for a few days only so our mission here is to try and help you make the most our of your stay, and get the most for your Ruble! =) Below are our ideas for the major bars, clubs, and NIGHTLIFE in ST-PETERSBURG to help you get around, meet new people, and have a wonderful night out!

Coyote Ugly

This bar/club is modeled after the hit American movie, “Coyote Ugly.” Here you can find a great time, get dancers, an awesome atmosphere, and girls who dance on the bar tables all night long. Drinks are quite expensive, but after a few, you will be in a better and more relaxed mood. It is located at Liteiniy Prospect 57, St. Petersburg, 191014. It is a short walk from the Mayakovskaya metro station.


Club Cadillac is one of the cities newest and hottest clubs. Featuring some of the best djs in town, Cadillac is always good for a good night in the club. Its atmosphere is the key that always brings back its visitors. Its new décor is a big plus for the club. It’s not far from Ploshad Alexander Neskogo, and it’s always a great club to go to if one wants to get away from Nevskiy Prospect clubs. (RECENT UPDATE: The club is CLOSED. We will keep you posted.)

 Bar XXXX is an international brand and doesn’t need much introduction. It’s cool, trendy, sleek, and unique. With glamorous girls, proper screening of clientele at the door, including a dress code, you can be sure that this one upscale establishment! You will have a high-class time at this place, we can guarantee it! There are 7  bars from the XXXX chain in St Petersburg.  A top-notch place to get drunk and watch sexy girls’ strip and dance on the bar and the tables. The prices for entrance may vary. Normally the entrance is free before midnight and costs 1000 rubles (for men and still free for women) after. If the place is full though (and it usually is on weekends), an entrance fee may apply which is normally 500 rubles for women and 1000 rubles for men.


Standing in stark contrast to the sleek style and glamour of the XXXX Bars  are the trashy chic kind of bars on  Dumskaya 9. These are known as student hangouts, so if you are up for a crazy fun night that involves lots of drinking and dancing – make sure to check these bars. Without a doubt, Petersburg’s hottest drinking spots are located on Dumskaya Street. Despite the scary, trashy look of the  so-called "ruin bars", they are very popular and get extremely packed at night. Rivers of cheap alcohol, retro music hits, and swanky, relaxed and friendly atmosphere are primed for dance floor action. Whether it’s dancing in front of the DJ, low-key mingling or a conversation outdoors, the 4 bars on Dumskaya Str. (Datcha, Belgrad, Fidel, and Ulitka) guarantee its visitors cool vibes and a wonderful time! Admission is generally free on weekdays and costs around 150 rubles  on weekends. Also check out all bars on Dumskaya Steet

If you're 18-20 and your are after ways to have a great night out, without the usual financial hangover that follows, walk this way -  CLUB METRO has it all. This 3-floor (and 3 dance floor) venue provides multiple club gradients! Club Metro offers you very cheap beer MATOFF (they have their own brewery), chill out areas, steel-beamed interior, and 3 dance floors with pop on the first, hip-hop on the second and club music on the third floor (The 3d floor is only open on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday).  This club is extremely popular among young people in the age 18-20. And is kind of awkward to come to for adults as they will definitely stand out and will be out of their age group. So if you are young and in the mood for chasing good-looking blondes, this is the place just for you to let loose!

Prices:  Friday and Saturday: 10 pm-11:00 – RUB 280;  11pm-midnight – RUB 350; After midnight – RUB 420.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 pm -11pm – RUB 210; After 11pm – RUB 280
SPECIAL OFFERS: Monday: 10pm – 11pm entrance FREE; Tuesday  10pm-1am – all drinks that you bought at the bar double up;(i.e. 2 for 1 mate?) Wednesday: 10pm-11pm – entrance free for students (by students’ IDs)
Thursday:  10pm-11pm – FREE for girls only;  Sunday: 10pm-11pm – entrance FREE if you have a new pack of “Winston” cigarettes on you which you can buy anywhere on your way to the club.
DISCLAIMER: The special offers do not apply on some holidays. Please, check with St-Petersburg Guide before coming.
Address:  Ligovsky pr. 174 offers you very cheap beer (they have their own brewery) Additional information: Open every day from 10pm to 6am. A no chewing gum policy. Website: metroclub.ru

In short, Club Metro will blow your mind away with all that it includes. Its drink prices are moderately priced, and one will always feel good after a good night of partying at Club Metro. 

Quite a small but cozy place with just 40 seats, the music stage in front of the brick wall, a handful of tables and the most talented musicians…  JFC Jazz Club is one of the few places in St Petersburg  where the jazz lovers  come to listen to the best jazz music played by professional musicians every single night. Despite its modest size, JFC Club is rightfully considered the most popular jazz venue in town. They don’t serve food here – only the best alcohol  at relatively low prices. You will hardly hear  a bad performance here. The musicians play in all styles from free improvisation to sound art. There’s almost no talking - just listening. The audience consists of  mainly young women. Admission RUB100-200

Top-notch dance programs with hot strip dancers  can be seen in Marstall on Konyushenny Dvor. This tavern-esque kind of bar-club is particularly known for its erotic shows but there are rich interactive entertainment programs available to the club visitors too. The entrance fee is usually 100 rubles for men and free for women on weekdays and 300 rubles for men and 200 for women on weekends. Drinks are quite pricey though. Thursday is Ladies Night with male strip shows.  

Takao, on Nevsky 106, is probably SP Guide’s number one choice among all the nightclubs listed in this section. We here at SP Guide believe it offers the best balance of price, atmosphere, and location. If you want something that offers all of these in abundance, look no further! This is DEFINITELY a cool place that you'll want to revisit! Featuring a restaurant in the day time and a club with sexy go-go dancers and a dance floor at night, Takao is open 24/7 (!!!) and offers its patrons all kinds of entertainment, ranging from nighty live performances starting 7.30 pm and the craziest theme parties, and go-go dances on the bar, starting 10.30 pm. There’s no entrance FEE but it’s extremely difficult to get in when the club is packed on weekends.

Additional information: Japanese and European cuisine. Brand new interior. Most central location. Reasonable prices. EXTREMELY fun atmosphere. All sushi rolls come at 120 rubles after 2 am.

Among St petersburg's English pubs, Telegraph, Dickens, and Red Lion are highly recommended. The Telegraph is located smack in the city center only one step off Nevsky and consists of 2 separate premises – traditional English  pub, and a bar with a little stage and a cool  DJ. Telegraph is a small but  really nice place to drink and dance at, mainly active on weekends. Free entrance, although rather high prices on drinks. But despite this, the place is just a lot of fun! 

Red Lion is one of the expats fave hangouts that’s open 24/7 with live music, 5-6 bars, 2 dance floors, and plasma screen that broadcasts all of the popular gaming events.

Another upscale kind of club with an intricate idea is Luna. Luna is neither a strip club nor a nightclub. It’s something in between. Luna features erotic dancing veiled in a ballet performance. Just the right kind of night show for Russia’s cultural capital =)

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Have a great night out!

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