Russian Visa Registration
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Russian Visa Registration

What is Russian Visa Registration?

For each foreigner who wishes to enter the Russian Federation and stay on its soil, must get registration. Registration is an old method used in Russia to keep the immigration authorities aware of where you are staying in Russia. Each foreigner needs to get registration within 7 working days after arriving in the Russian Federation. (that includes Kaliningrad also) 

Every foreigner who enters Russia also needs to fill out a migration card (see pic below) when crossing the border. This is not to be confused as registration, it is just a document that shows that you entered the Russian federation and is not registration. If you do not get registration during your stay in Russia, you may be subject to a fine or as it is very unlikely, you may be denied to enter the Russian Federation for a maximum length of 5 years.

If you stay in a hotel, the hotel will take care of the registration upon arrival in the hotel. If you wish to live in an apartment or with your friends and need registration, it is not such a big problem, as we can help you with this. Registration for 1-2 weeks costs 35 usd. For 1-2 months, registration cost is 55 usd. For questions, email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or contact Saint-Petersburg Guide on facebook.

The other (free) option is to go to the Russian post office with a Russian friend who has St. Petersburg registration and makes it for you. The only bad thing about this option is that the Russian post office has a terrible reputation of long lines. Estimated time of waiting would be around 30-50 minutes in a small post office with a lot of upset people. Ooops! :)

Migration Card (Sample)

Russian Migration Card

Russian Visa Registration (Sample)

Russian Visa Registration


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