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Saint-Petersburg is the 4th largest city in Europe (after London, Paris and Moscow) and the second largest - in Russia with population of 4.6m. It is the administrative centre of the North-West federal district (more than 12 mil people). St. Petersburg is a multifunctional centre: industrial, cultural, scientific, tourist, with the differential structure of the city economy. There are 800 cultural exhibitions, 150 festivals and contests (incl. 50 international), 40 city celebrations (festive occasions), 145 trade and economic exhibitions per year (in 2010).

St. Petersburg is No. 7 in the Top European Destinations rating-2011: (Trip Advisor: Travelers' choice 2011). Nearly 6 000 000 tourists visited St. Petersburg in 2011 (+ 12%). It includes Cultural, Family, MICE, Events, Water, Sanatorium tourism. 45% of tourists in St. Petersburg are foreign visitors.

  • St. Petersburg is a city with diverse and fast growing economy (in 2011 GRP + 4.3 %) and large number of multinational companies, including General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft, Nestlé, Gillette, IBM, Philip Morris, BAT, JTI and others.
  • Attractive city and region for investment (from 2004 to 2009 the volumes of foreign direct investment entering the economy of St. Petersburg increased by 11 times). In 2011 volume of foreign investments was USD 6 120.7 mil (+ 117 %).
  • Venue for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and many other international events.

Saint Petersburg features

The high latitude of Saint Petersburg city position explains the phenomenon of white nights. During the period close to solstice the sun is only 7 degrees below horizon, that’s why the sunset nearly coincides with the dawn and twilight continues all night long.

The definition of white nights is conventional. It is considered that in Saint-Petersburg they take place from June 11th till July 2nd. White nights are a symbol of Saint-Petersburg: various festivals and celebrations happen these days. The image of white nights is widely used in literature and arts.

Gulf Stream causes humid sea climate in Saint-Petersburg. Most days in the year are cloudy and gloomy.

Saint Petersburg places of interest

Picturesque view of Saint Petersburg is determined by architecture: straight streets, large squares, gardens and parks, rivers and numerous canals, embankments, bridges, monuments and decorative statues.

The places interesting as architectural masterpieces of 18th-19th centuries:

Among the other interesting places of Saint Petersburg are the fountains. The most famous among them is chain of fountains in Peterhof. In 2005 new fountains were opened on Lenin square. In summer 2006 a fountain was opened near Neva, not far from Vasilyevski island spit. New fountains appeared on Moscow square and other parts of the city.


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