Travel to Petergof on a Speedboat!
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 21:15

To Peterhof on a Speedboat

The best way to travel to Petergof this spring and summer is on the breeze boat! It is a truly great experience that allows one to ride on the Neva River to Petergof. The tour includes travel to Petergof from St. Petersburg on a great boat, a sightseeing tour of Petergof with parks and the fountains that attract so many each year. This speedboat ride promises to be well worth every ruble! The speedboat “Meteor”, will take you straight to Petergof in fast fashion!

If one has never been to Petergof, do not miss this great opportunity. Petergof is a unique and precious world heritage landmark. Peter the Great founded the world-renowned capital of fountains, or often called “Versailles of Russia,” in the early 18th century. The park has 144 fountains and so many other great attractions such as a fantastic park, palace, and museum that will amaze those who travel to Petergof. During this trip, you will be given five hours to enjoy the great parks and fountains of Petergof. 

Duration: half-day tour. 

Price: from 100 USD. Discounts for parties of 4 and more. If you need no tour guide and wish to see Peterhof on your own, the cost of a one way speedboat ride starts from 999 RUB (around 33 USD)

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