Russian Visa Invitation/Letter of Support
Sunday, 14 July 2013 11:05

Russian Visa Invitation

Are you planning a visit to Russia for business, work or as a tourist? Have you heard that getting a visa is difficult, expensive and confusing? Does the whole process worry you? Maybe you have heard about the letters of support or letters of invitation that you need and are unsure how to go about getting them?

It’s true, you need a letter of introduction but that need not be an expensive, complex or difficult process. Indeed, our letters of invitation start at $19.99 for a standard tourist visa, and we are also expert in the provision of letters of support for Work and Business visas too.

We are based in St. Petersburg where we are also able to help you with the best deals in accommodation and hotels, but we can help you with visa letters wherever your destination is in Russia. 

So if you are looking for cheap accommodation in St. Petersburg, or letters of support for your visa application, we are dedicated to becoming your partner in helping you visit our great country.

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