How to get to Pushkin
Saturday, 27 April 2013 22:07

Town of Pushkin

Going to Pushkin from St. Petersburg is easy and there are several ways to get there. Here is a description of how to get to Pushkin from St. Petersburg cheap!

By Train:

From Metro Station "Pushkinskaya", enter Vitebskiy train station and buy a ticket to the station called "Detskoe Selo." The trip takes about 30 minutes and is the most comfortable way to get to Pushkin. Also, it is possible to go from Metro Station "Kupchino" to Pushkin.

When you are in "Detskoe Selo", take mini-bus- K-382 to Dvortsovo Park (get off at the station Leontievskaya), K-370 or K-378 (get off at Oranzhereynaya street) or take K-371 and get off Znameniya Church. 

By Mini Bus:

From the Metro Station “Moskovskaya”, you can take several mini-buses. The buses are: K-287, K-299, K-342, K-545a, and K-545. On these buses, you can see signs that say “Pushkin” or “Pushkin/Pavlovsk.” The mini-buses arrive every 15-20 minutes and takes around 45 minutes from “Moskovskaya.” It is also possible to take mini-buses K-286 or K-512, from the Metro Station “Kupchino.” 



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