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The USHANKA can be translated to a furry winter hat with earflaps. Men and women in Russia often wear the ushanka. The Ushanka got its name because of the hat having its ear-flaps being able to be tied on top of the hat or let down to the sides. 

When wearing the ushanka, one has several different options on how to wear it. The freedom to let the earflaps cover your ears from the harsh Russian winter proves to be helpful in the long run. The classical style of having the earflaps tied on top the hat can be seen in the old Soviet Union movies, thus, making the ushanka famous worldwide.

USHANKA HAT The history of the ushanka originates from the nomads of the steppes of ancient Kievan Rus and modern day lands of Russia. The Scythians were perhaps the first people to introduce the hat to other cultures. After the Scythians were driven from the lands, the Mongols and Cossacks adopted the hat to protect their heads from the brutal Russian winter. The ushanka proved to be very helpful for a nomad or traveler, as it allows the person to wear it in a number of different climatic conditions such as high winds, winter, snow, and high altitude. The prototype of the ushanka was called a Kolchakovka hat, in which was worn by the white armies of Kolchak in 1918-1919. Later, the ushanka was distributed to the workers of St. Petersburg, then all of Russia. 

USHANKA HAT The ushanka can be found all around the world. In the western world, the ushanka is part of the stereotypical image of the typical Russian. This can be seen in old films and cartoons that were popular in America during the Cold War. In these films and cartoons, the ushanka is typically just called a hat or Russian hat. Similar ushankas are distributed not only just in the former USSR, but also in several other countries such as China, North Korea, and Mongolia. In the western world, ushankas are popular in Canada and the northern states of America. The ushanka is a preferred hat of those who live in harsh winter conditions around the world. It is also used in the Canadian armed forces for some combat units. A hat similar to the ushanka can be found in Finland, but it lacks the long earflaps and button on the top. 

USHANKA HAT The ushanka is perhaps the best-known Russian symbol in the world. Its furry and stylish features are funny for some, and life saving for others. 

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