"New Pushkin" Sand Festival at Piterland
Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:14


"New Pushkin" Sand Festival at Piterland

In Saint Petersburg opened a festival of sand sculptures called "New Pushkin." 

The festival is dedicated to the year of literature and will have humorous images of the great poet, performed in the best traditions of pop art and sand sculptures, and based on the works by Pushkin. Residents and guests to St. Petersburg will have a unique opportunity to personally view Pushkin in a contemporary setting, as well as take part in master classes on molding sand and even create an own sculpture of Pushkin.

Organizers of the "New Pushkin" decided to imagine how Alexander would look like in the early twenty-first century. Maybe he would take part in our modern culture of iPhones and instagram, or maybe he would become a huge football fan. He might win the award of the President of the Russian Federation... Who knows! This festival is inspired by the exhibition of Alexey Sergienko called, "Our Pushkin," and the creators of the sand festival chose the most striking and unexpected images that reflect not only the creativity of the immortal poet, but also our time, revived in the huge sand sculptures. A five-meter oak sculpture from the famous poem, "There stands a green oak tree," will also be there. This festival will remind the youth of the relevance of the heroes of the past, and will draw parallels with the present. 

The festival opened in June and will run until the end of summer.

Where: Primorsky Pr, D. 72

When: June 28 - August 31

Business hours: from 10:00 to 22:00

Entrance fee: 100 rubles


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