Flower Season Has Opened In Pushkin
Monday, 04 May 2015 00:28

Flower Season Has Opened In Pushkin

Flower Season Has Opened In Pushkin

Pushkin has announced that the flower season in the town has begun as all the flowers in the city are starting to bloom. The city is known historically for having housed many Russian leaders, and it is also famous for its flowers.

Visitors to the museum-reserve can admire rare primroses, with their buds dissolving on a bed of unusual heart-shaped pavilion at the "White Tower". In addition, the museum, workers planted flowerbeds in the so-called Private Garden. Soon, the famous Hanging Gardens and Freylinsky garden, also known as the Maids of Honour Garden, will also be gragrant from the abundance of flowers. The gardens will be filled with flowers in the manner of those that grew here in the XVIII century: basically you can meet verbena, wallflowers and aromatic plants. 

The rose buds in the imperial residence should be in full bloom by June. So guests will be able to see the most beautiful varieties of roses, such as: roses of "Pierre de Ronsard", "William Shakespeare", and "Thomas Graham."

The parade ground of the Catherine Palace will be traditionally decorated with lots of laurels that have been delighting the eye of guests for 20 years!


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