Start of the Motorcycle Season of 2015
Saturday, 25 April 2015 18:08

Start of the Motorcycle Season of 2015

Start of the Motorcycle Season of 2015 

On the streets of St. Petersburg will be released a huge column of hundreds of steel horses - from scooters to roaring sport bikes and bulky choppers. You will see the three-kilometer column of bikers, which will begin to move from Palace Square to the village of Roshchino.

The opening of Season of Motorcycles will be held in St. Petersburg on May 2nd. Traditionally, part of the event will be a grand parade of motorcyclists. A huge column of bikers will conquer the center of the city, and then they will go to the big music festival with performances and a ton of beautiful motorcycles.

According to the program of the festival, riders will gather at Palace Square at 12:00. Then they will travel to the Eternal Flame at the Field of Mars, where will lay flowers. At 13:30, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and president of the motorcycle club "Night Wolves" Alexander Khirurg will greet participants at the opening of the season. After greetings and opening speeches will begin the formation of a solemn column, and at 14:23, thousands of motorcyclists will drive from Palace Square in the direction of the village of Roshchino for a traditional concert and theatrical performances.

By the way, the parade this year will be attended not only by a variety of motorcycles, but also the vehicles of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the ZIL-locomotive from the motor club "Night Wolves".

Where: Starting from Palace Square and moving further to the festival in the village of Roshchino (hotel "Raivola")

When: May 2. Starting at 12:00


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