Grand Bicycle Parade
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 23:09

Grand Bicycle Parade

Grand Bicycle Parade 

It is time to open the bicycle season in St. Petersburg and on April 26, thousands of cyclists riding their iron horses, will pass through the city streets.

Opening bicycle season in St. Petersburg is planned for April 26. On this occasion, cyclists will make a large bike ride, the total length of which will be about 80 kilometers. 

The journey is completed on the Palace Square, where thousands of cyclists will come together afterwards.

The hardest challenge will start at 10:00 and will go from Roshino (participants can travel there for free by train). They will cover a distance of 77 kilometers, and on the way to merge with the total column. Shorter distance will do a convoy of Zelenogorsk and Sestroretsk. The main column will get under way at 14:15 from the "Garden City" (Lakhtinsky pr, 85B), bringing together several thousand cyclists from St. Petersburg. This astounding bicycle parade will pass through the city streets to the place of finish, which will be the city's main square.

Anyone from St. Petersburg can take part in the event. It is necessary to arrive at your designated bike at the specified time. You can also become aware of the general rules and examine an article that will tell you how to ride in a big crowd.


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