St. Petersburg Will Host A Multinational Carnival Of Maslenitsa
Friday, 20 February 2015 16:35

St. Petersburg Will Host A Multinational Carnival Of Maslenitsa

St. Petersburg Will Host A Multinational  Carnival Of Maslenitsa

More than 14 nationalities will present their Maslenitsa traditions, and as part of the festivities, guests will have the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the rites of the Armenians, Belarusians, Greeks, Georgians, Finns, Lithuanians, Mari, Germans, Ossetians, Polish, Russian and Estonians.

The area of park Ekaterinhof (Narvskaya metro) will be divided into several ethnographic sites, at which representatives of national-cultural associations will perform ritual songs, hold folk games, dances and fun for children and adults.

From 13:00 to 15:00 on the main stage will be an official part of the folklore and concert program, and at the same time on the small stage of the park - an interactive demonstration of Carnival Traditions of different nationalities.

There will also be a gala concert with the participation of professional artists and creative groups of national-cultural associations and affinity groups of St. Petersburg, as well as a parade with the scarecrow of Shrovetide.

Mari folklore on the site will work with the possibility to create a forged product in national traditions, and the Georgian and Ossetian site will delight guests of the festival with their cuisine - real khachapuri and Ossetian pies. As part of all ethnographic areas, there will be demonstrations of cosumes and festivities. The festival will be completed with burning of effigies of Shrovetide.

This festival begins at 12:00 and admission is free!

On February 21st to the 22nd, a massive festival of Maslenitsa will take place on Elagin Island. This is a celebration you cannot miss!


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