"Animated" Ball of Masterpieces of the Hermitage
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 23:50


"Animated" Ball of Masterpieces of the Hermitage 

For the 250th anniversary of the museum with some of the most famous paintings in history, characters of history will come back to life to take part in a luxurious ball in the Hermitage!

This evening, the Hermitage will outwit time and return to the era of sumptuous feasts and extravagant balls, where ladies talk with the gentlemen in using the language of fans, and the men put on their best uniforms and ready to give up their life as a sign of attention from the beautiful stranger.

The press service of the Hermitage has been keeping this a secret, not revealing any of the characters, but there is reason to hope that the event will be grand, considering how many masterpieces and relics are kept in the Hermitage.

This unique project will be prepared by the best costume designers, and as "animated paintings" will be performed by graduates Academy of Performing Arts.

The ball will be accompanied by performances of dramatic actors, singers and ballet soloists of St. Petersburg theaters, as well as the State Hermitage Orchestra.

Where: Hermitage, Palace Square, 2

When: November 22 at 18:00

Price: 2,000 rubles


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