Lilies exhibition in the Botanical Garden
Monday, 04 August 2014 20:39

Lilies exhibition in the Botanical Garden

Lilies exhibition in the Botanical Garden 

More than 150 varieties of lilies of different shades and shapes: the brightest and most fragrant exhibition this summer, which annually opens its doors to lovers of flora in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great at the beginning of August, will happen from August 5 to August 10th.

Guests will solve the mystery of the myth of the Lily-tree, see the most amazing specimens from private collections and, most importantly, learn about how to care for these magnificent perennials. Visitors will also learn where the most beautiful lilies are grown around the world. 

By the way, here you not only get to enjoy the view of beautiful lilies, but also smell their seductive aroma. For good reason, lilies are used in the perfume industry, and their aroma helps avoid stress. 

The exhibition is a truly unique one; such an abundance of incredible colors and aromas, one will not find anywhere else. 

Where: Botanical Gardens, str. Professor Popov 2

When: August 5-10 - from 11:00 to 19:00. 

Tickets: Adults - 150 rubles, children (under 14 years)  - 100 rubles 


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