Navy Day 2014 - July 27
Monday, 21 July 2014 18:33

Naval Parade in St. Petersburg

Navy Day 2014 - July 27 

12 ships of the Baltic Fleet will take part in a grand naval parade on the Neva River, which will be held on July 27 to celebrate Navy Day. St. Petersburg will see the great submarine "Vyborg", the small anti-submarine ship "Kazanets", as well as other great ships. 

Russian Navy Day this year falls on July 27. Traditionally, there is a great parade, which will feature the majestic court of the Leningrad naval base. 

The boats will be lined up this week at the English Embankment (Angliyskaya naberezhnaya) and the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. 

In addition, this day will have a lot of other interesting events: concerts by artists, festivities and historical reconstructions.


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