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Republic of Cats | St-Petersburg Guide

Throughout the world, there are quite a number of cat cafés. The only one of its kind in all of Russia is located in St-Petersburg. It is called the “Republic of Cats" (Russian: Республика Кошек.) Here, you can enjoy great food and meet with many fluffy little friends. Besides St. Petersburg, there are different cat cafes all around the world, with the most popular countries being: Sweden, Japan, and Austria. But the number of cats together with the cultural and educational aspects of the St. Petersburg café makes this place stand out from the rest. 

The "Republic of Cats" in St-Petersburg is decorated in a cat style from the minute you enter the café, to the very last part of it. Guests are encouraged to drink KOTuchino (CATuccino) and try the delicious food such as "tiraMEOW". When you enter the room with cats, you will be given a “visa” which will indicate your weight, height, and age “in cats”. You will be asked to wear shoe covers and to wash your hands for the safety of animals.

The café hosts workshops on making cat toys, cat cakes and teaches you about the proper treatment of cats.

Business hours: 11 am - 10 pm. Only in June the café works 24 hours. Address:  Yakubovicha street, 10 (ул. Якубовича, 10.) Metro Sadovaya Average check: 100 RUB Additional information: Table games. It costs 300 RUB per person to enter the room with cats on weekends, and 150 RUB during the week. Cuisine: Desserts 

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