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The restaurant known as "Cat" (Russian: ресторан Кэт) is a treasured place for pet lovers of Georgian cuisine and is located at the main intersection of Nevsky Prospect. Many St. Petersburg residents and visitors do not know about this restaurant, but those who know and have been can only say they love it. Past guests of this restaurants have included in the past 15 years have included famous artists, politicians, and businessmen, in which have came here to taste real Georgian dishes.

"Cat" provides true Georgian generosity while serving you. They will lay your table in front of you with: fresh khachapuri satsivi gentle, vegetable salad with peppers, eggplant with garlic and finely crushed nuts. Then be sure to try the flavored barbecue sauce with tomato and onion. To top this all off, try a nice glass of famous Georgian red wine. After a great meal with family or friends, raise your glasses for a toast for a great night.

In the evenings, come and see great live music performances that are performed in different European languages. Even though the dance floor is small because of the bands setup and tables around, there is still a good amount of room to dance and have a great time.  The interiors are simple but bright: a combination of green and white. But the main part of design is numerous photos of famous visitors to the restaurant with their autographs and thanks for the good food and service.

Conveniently, it is located on the floor above the wine-cigar lounge, where you can move around after dinner.

Business hours: Noon - Midnight. Kitchen closes at 11 pm. Address:  karavannaya Str., 24. Gostiny Dvor Average check: 800 RUB Additional information: Non-smoking. Live music from 8 pm to 11 pm. Wi-fi Cuisine: Georgian

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