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RUSSIAN CUISINE is not a very well known internationally. The Russian diet usually consists of soups, potatoes, meat, cabbage, and bread. But that does not mean that Russian cuisine is boring and plain. Russians are very clever people, especially with their cooking. Walking around the streets of St. Petersburg, you can find a small stand, café, or Russian restaurant on almost every corner. The main dishes of Russian cuisine are: borscht, blini, golubtsi, vareniki, pelmeni, and bubliki. Usually, every meal in Russia is served with bread. Russian black bread is a personal favorite of many. If one ever has the chance to try any of these dishes, they will be very satisfied.

RUSSIAN CUISINE BORSCHT is the most famous Russian dish. A traditionally Ukrainian-Russian soup, borscht is full of vitamins and minerals. One can find different kinds of borscht all around the country. The most famous borscht is Ukrainian borscht, but Russian versions are everywhere. Borscht is full of meat, potatoes, carrots, beets, sour cream, dill, and cabbage. Borscht is always better the second day. A whole pot full of the soup can last for a whole week. A Russian favorite, borscht is always good for any meal of the day. Cold or hot, borscht never fails to fill your hungry stomach, and leaves you wanting more every time. 

RUSSIAN CUISINE BLINI are a quick meal that also makes one crave for more. Similar to a crepe, Russian blini are found everywhere in restaurants, cafes, or small stands on the streets. Cheap, easy, and tasty, blini can be filled with almost anything. From chocolate, to sour cream, if you can imagine tasty blini, chances are that Russians perfected it already. Teremok is the best place to find quick and tasty blini in St. Petersburg. 

RUSSIAN CUISINE GOLUBTSI are stuffed cabbages typically marinated in different sauces. A whole cabbage is packed with rice, meat, and sometimes peppers or onions. golubtsi are great for a nice dinner in a restaurant. If one has the chance to try home cooked golubtsi, you are in for a real treat. Russian cuisine homemade is the best way to eat while in Russia. 

RUSSIAN CUISINE   RUSSIAN CUISINE VARENIKI and PELMENI are also amazing Russian dishes. Similar in many ways, the two are Russian favorites. Vareniki are like a pirogi, which are filled with potatoes, cheese, or with some other filling. Pelmini are like dumplings, in which are small, are filled with meat, and are best with sour cream. The only difference in the two is that vareniki are without meat, and pelmini contain just meat. Bubliki are like a donut that goes perfectly with coffee or tea. A nice morning treat, bubliki are enjoyed by all. 

Russian cuisine is probably the least known cuisine in Europe. With its simple, yet satisfying dishes, Russians perfected what they had in their previous history. With a long history of war, suffering, and oppression, Russian food came out great with what the people had at the time. Its traditions continue today, and they will continue for many years to come.

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