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Russian Curse Words / Russian mat

Russians are usually portrayed in cartoons or comics for their excessive alcoholic drinking along with other stereotypes, but one thing that Russians are not depicted internationally is for their rich language. The Russian language is full of different words, synonyms, and adjectives that cannot be found in several other languages. But, the first thing a person wants to learn when studying a foreign language is CURSE WORDS.

Russian is known for its wealth of curse words along with the “clean language” of Russian. 

Russian Curse Words / Russian mat  Also known as мат in Russian, the Russian language of cursing is extensive and popular amongst several different age groups, even in St.Petersburg, Russia's cultural capital. Cursing is particularly popular amongst teens, middle-aged men, and others who are enjoying a good time at a pub or club. When in St. Petersburg, or any other Russian city, be aware of using swear words in public. These curse words are particularly offensive around the older generation, and certainly amongst women in public. Be aware also if using curse words in Russian, to only use them with your good friends and not in public. Say the wrong word around the wrong person, and the situation could become very dangerous. Here are a few curse words to be aware of in daily Russian life. Say these words with caution!

DISCLAIMER: If you proceed to this section, please exercise caution, as Russian curse words are given WITH English equivalents!!!

Russian Curse Words / Russian mat  Сука (pronounced: suka) - bitch - она сука - she’s a bitch

Сволочь - (pronounced: svolach) - bastard - вот он сволочь - wow, he’s a bastard...

Пиздец - (pronounced: pizdets) - expression used in surprise or anger, means fuck/fucking

Ебать - (pronounced: jebat') - fuck - Ебать ты умный - fuck, you are such a smartass!

Говно - (pronounced: gavno) - shit - я в говно - I am in the shit, used when drunk (shitfaced)

Мудак - (pronounced: mudak) - asshole or motherfucker - ну ты мудак - you are such an asshole!

Блядь - (pronounced: blyat') - whore, can also be used for fuck - блядь, я упал на эскалаторе - fuck, I fell on the escalator. 

Шлюха - (pronounced: shlyuha) - whore

Иди на хуй - (pronounced: idi na huj) - fuck off. Read more on the RUSSIAN F-WORD

Russian Curse Words / Russian mat   Russian Curse Words / Russian mat   Russian Curse Words / Russian mat Russian Curse Words / Russian mat


Отъебитесь (pronounced: Оt'ebites',) - fuck off (plural), отъебись - singular

American guy trying to curse in Russian. =) 

Иди на хуй, поганая шлюха (pronounced: idi na huj paganaya shlyuha) - fuck off, you fucking bitch!


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