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Cafe-Bar Pьer

Café-Bar Pьer has one of the most romantic atmospheres in St. Petersburg with water flowing in between the glass, creating a relaxed mood that everyone enjoys. This image can be seen in the film Piter FM.

The café-bar has an area of almost 300 square meters and has two different places: a karaoke bar with a full dance floor and a café. During the day though, Café-Bar Pьer is a nice café with great food and then closer to the evening, Pьer changes into a great pre-party place. Then in the night, it is an atmosphere of full blown partying. The perfect complement to this experience will be a nice hookah with your visit.

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Caffe Italia | Cafe Italia

In place of the once popular club “Dzhakata”, Franco and Elena Cazadei (owners of the café “Venice”), opened a school with Italian food, rock n roll, motorcycles, and the most delicious ice cream in the city, which can bring in pretty colored kremanki flowers. It is sold behind a glass counter in the hall with Vespa scooters and the interior is set up as a 1950’s American style. It gives one a feel of the 50’s and the next generation to come. 

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Art Cafe Sunduk (Сундук)

The art café known as сундук, or “chest” in English, is the first one of its kind in St. Petersburg. The interior was created by St. Petersburg’s artists, and has awesome doors to the bathroom with lots of knobs and latches that are a challenge to those who wish to go! the cafe offers live music and great food the atmosphere will amaze you and for sure you would want to return.

Some of the common visitors and performers at this great café are: uncle Mike of “DDT”, Dmitry Archangel, who performs duet nostalgic jazz music, famous guitarist Alex Ladygin, and Ksenia Arsenyev and Co., who performs French and Russian songs. Regular visitors have the opportunity to receive a discount card by which gives your great deals at Sunduk and a restaurant called “NEP.” 

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360 RIDERS BAR is the first rider’s bar in the history of St. Petersburg. Surfers and snowboarders all come for a great outdoor party. 360 Riders Bar is an extreme sports bar where surfers, kite-surfers, snowboarders, skaters, and their loved ones come to experience the spirit of active people and great electronic music. 

The cozy European style bar has two dances floors on two floors, and hand-painted walls with fascinating scenes and extreme sport videos that are on non-stop decorate them.

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Roll & Roll

ROLL & ROLL is a tropical oasis of calm and relaxation. The atmosphere here is really unique. When entering the restaurant, it is easy to imagine oneself in a bungalow on a tropical island, or in a jungle, even if one has never been to these places. Hanging from the ceiling are stretched hammocks woven by hand, and in the bar, one can find bottles made into a real boat, canoe, and the posts are made from wood.

Soul is not only in the interior, but also in the kitchen. The basis of the menu is Japanese cuisine. Roll & Roll offers a wide variety of sushi, sashimi rolls, which have become commonplace, California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, miso soup, and unusual rolls such as the dragon roll with eel.

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Beautiful Georgia is famous for its boundless hospitality, rich feasts, and beautiful music. The atmosphere of the sunny Caucasus is embodied in the St. Petersburg restaurant “TBILISO”.

Georgian artists made the main decorations of elegant engravings, which include the views of Tbilisi. Many details of the engravings in the restaurant can be found on the countertops, candlesticks, lamps, and in the shape of horns all around. In the restaurant “Tbiliso”, one can find private rooms for up to 18 people, which are designed like cozy Georgian cabins. There, one can enjoy a great feast with family and friends. The rooms are also separated by translucent draperies, which portray the scenes of paintings by Niko Pirosmani. These images adorn the dishes also. 

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The Mozzarella Bar is a very casual restaurant in which makes all guests feel like at home. The Mozzarella Bar is decorated with wooden cupboards, plates, and pictures on the walls, which makes it have a simple, but yet, home like feeling for guests. Guests are always welcomed for breakfast, a family lunch, or a leisurely chat over dinner.

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When entering ARIYAF, one finds him or herself in a different world. The restaurant contains beautiful marble fountains, excellent lighting, and makes one feel like it is in an atmosphere like that of Aladdin. Ariyaf is truly an Arab restaurant in all details. Ariyaf contains a luxurious hookah room in which one can enjoy a smoke on the table, or on the floor with cushions. The hookahs are imported from Lebanon and Dubai, making the hookah experience at Ariyaf the real thing.

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O! Cuba

O! CUBA is the first restaurant in St. Petersburg, in which incorporates the maximum experience of Cuban traditions and way of life.  Those who have never been to Cuba can experience the hot Cuban spirit in this restaurant. The restaurant is divided into three uniquely decorated halls. In addition to the magnificent menu, the guests are also welcomed to try cocktails that resemble those one can find in Cuba. For example, a Cuban “Mojito” is different than many are accustomed to. The Cuban “Mojito”, is made up of ice, soda, fresh lemon juice, traditional mint, and white rum, providing guests to a unique and new mojito that is traditional to Cuba. On top of all this, all traditional Cuban rum cocktails are served in a coconut.

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Cafe 17-19

17-19 is the number of the building where the café is located, hence this name. 17-19 is a simple, small café, in a European style. The relaxed atmosphere makes one think that he or she is at home. This café is not well known, but it is for every one of all tastes. The reason why it is not so well known, is because that the café is located on Liteniy Prospect, and is not advertised with flashy lights or big signs. 

Café 17-19 combines real home comfort and original designs together, to bring one into a relaxed mood instantly. The café is littered with shelves of books, which anyone can take and read while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Flowerpots, striped blankets on the couches and chairs, and soft drapes on the windows, make the atmosphere in the café welcoming and hospitable. The outside walls are covered with a variety of bright pictures. When entering the café, one should leave his or her coat on a clothes hanger, and shoes at the stand near the door. The clothes hanger and shoe stand are modeled after pieces of art. The reason why guests should leave their jackets and shoes at the door is to make the atmosphere feel like you are at home. 

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